By | December 28, 2016

Facebook Share Button and Save to Facebook

Facebook Share Button Chrome Extensions help you easily to sharing web pages and link on Facebook. If you want save things to Facebook to read, watch, buy, share, or revisit them later you can use Save to Facebook Chrome Extensions.

Facebook Share Button

Facebook Share Button

Easily share web pages and links on Facebook. Use extension’s toolbar button or the keyboard shortcut Alt + S to quickly share the current web page on Facebook. After successful completion, the sharing popup window closes automatically.

Moreover, You can right click on any link, and select the “Share on Facebook” option to easily share that link on Facebook.

By default it opens in a popup window but, you can set it to open in a new tab.

Facebook Share Button Link

Note: If Facebook Share Button doesn’t work, you must restart Chrome before trying this extension.

Save to Facebook

Save things to Facebook to read, watch, buy, share, or revisit them later.

Save to Facebook Link

  • This is the official Save to Facebook button. It makes it easy to save things you discover from around the web so you can get back to them to later. Only you can see the things you save.
  • Over 300 million people Save on Facebook every month for the things they discover throughout the day.
  • Next time you find something interesting that you want to save for later, just click the “Save to Facebook” button. Maybe it’s.

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