By | September 13, 2018

Google completely overhauled Google Chrome on PC or mobile when 10th birthday. If you who are curious about new features in Chrome 69 and what their new look looks like, here’s the full review.

New Display of Chrome 69

The appearance of Chrome 69 is cleaner, simpler, and modern. The corner of the tab is now more circular. The new tab now also becomes a separate plus sign. And if you add a lot of tabs, the border between tabs is no longer pointed like a T-rex tooth, but it’s a thin line. So this makes chrome look simpler and neater again.

Now the Omnibox display or address bar also changes, if the first time the elbow box tends to be circular too. Then login menu and account are more stand-out and easy to access, with the address bar aligned.

And if you open a new tab, there is a most visited website on the new tab page, now it’s not there, replaced by a shortcut. You can just enter your favorite website here by clicking add shortcut.

You can also easily change the chrome background by clicking this icon settings, and can choose directly from the Chrome background collection or upload images yourself.

If you using iPhone and Android, the display changes are also no less exciting. Everything uses Google Material 2 which is rounded, clean and neat.

But on Chrome iOS, the toolbar is moved down to make it more accessible with the search button in the middle for quick access to searches and address bars.

And now Chrome supports notch! So if you have a smartphone with notch, chrome you can use browsing without covering the notch.


The Omnibox or the latest Chrome Address Bar can directly display search results for a number of things, for example, just type weather, weather details will appear in your location.

You can also find a definition of a word. But for now not all city definitions and weather can be checked here, maybe there will be an update again in the future.

Still on the Omnibox, now Chrome hides some website details like www, m, even http and https. Secure writing is also removed, although Not secure still exists.

Password Generator

Chrome’s autofill feature is now more accurate in entering passwords, addresses and credit card details in the form.

But more importantly, Chrome 69 is now equipped with a password generator feature, which gives a strong password when you register an account. This makes it easy for you who want a secure and different password for each account and save it in the Chrome password manager.

Stability & Performance

Now there is an increase in performance, stability and security, because Chrome now uses AI for malware and phishing detection.

That’s the change in Chrome 69. You can directly update Chrome for further exploration.

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